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Films that Bring Awareness to WNY
Films that Bring Awareness to WNY

Have you got a new resolution for the New Year? Go to the gym more, do this more, do that more, give up this habit, maybe find a new hobby? If you're like me, with each new year comes a new hope. Hope for a change in something about yourself, a new hope usually fizzles out around that second week of the cold temperatures when instant gratification simply is not happening. Well, this year I've got a resolution that I'll stick to, one that makes me proud. Perhaps it's a resolution that you would like to adopt for yourself.

This year my resolution is finding awareness, and sharing it. 

Perhaps you have seen the news about the group of "Animal Activists" standing in the freezing temperatures in front of a local furrier. Maybe you even drove by them holding their signs, some dressed in paint drenched furs, others holding skins of animals used for "fashion." When you heard or saw, did you ask yourself "Why in the world, in the cold, would these people do this?!" Maybe you have seen my blog about my presentation of "Earthlings" that labeled me an "Animal Activist" perhaps you have seen the comments labeling me a "terrorist" and I suppose to some, maybe I am. I don't consider myself either of the two. I am just someone who wants to make a change, a positive change. "Bold Native" is a ficton feature length film that helps to let you see "the activist" from all angels.  It is a film about a man willing to risk his life in prison to save innocent lives. It is a film about a father that wants desperately to find his son before the FBI does. It's a film that will pull you in, and will make you see all sides of the story, not just one angle. From the perspective of an activist, to his father, to the FBI. For only $5 on January 10th you can join me at 7pm at 3131 Sheridan Drive, The Screening Room, in Amherst. There will be free delicious organic popcorn, and beverages will be available. After the film there will be a skype call to the makers of the film for a question and answer session. For more information on the film please visit BoldNative.com or feel free to email me at Veganleggs80@yahoo.com 

See what John Salley thinks about the film below:


What about all those "No Fracking Way" signs you've likely seen? Wonder what it's all about? "Gasland" will likely answer those questions for you. On January 24th at 7pm I will be presenting "Gasland" a documentary by Josh Fox at The Screening Room. The film is about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking" as it's called. Immediately following the film there will be a discussion with special guest Albert Brown. Albert is active with an organizing group known as Frack Action Buffalo. Frack Action Buffalo is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss campaigning to enact bans against fracking and holding protests. They are an open group that encourages grassroots action and everyone is invited to join and become involved. You can find more information about the group by clicking the highlighted Frack Action Buffalo above. For more information about the film you can visit the Gasland site by clicking the highlighted Gasland. Watch the preview for the film below:

These films may not change your life in a day, but they will make you more aware. Following each I will provide resources of local groups that you can participate in to make a difference in any way you can. If you want a New Years Resolution you will be proud of when the next new year rolls along, Awareness is that resolution, and it's an amazing gift to share as well. I hope to see you at The Screening Room.




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