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Pamplin Historical Park & The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier, Petersburg, Virginia | Community Spirit

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Pamplin Historical Park & The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier, Petersburg, Virginia
Pamplin Historical Park & The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier, Petersburg, Virginia

Interested in Volunteering? Pamplin Historical Park, Petersburg Va. will host a Volunteer Open House on Saturday, January 22 at 2p.m.! The Open House will be located in our Main Museum!

With the 150th annversity of the American Civil War, what better place to be than in the heart of the eastern theater of the war. That being the Richmond/Petersburg area. And what better place to relieve that time than, PAMPLIN!!!


Travel back in time to the 1860s and enter the world of a Civil War soldier. As a newly enlisted private, you will don your uniform, shoulder your musket, and march off to a new adventure!

Your Civil War Adventure Camp experience offers an authentic and unique hands-on adventure for groups, families, and individuals alike! Supported by a variety of programming venues, Camps are customized based on the skills and knowledge levels of each group.


Your visit to Pamplin Historical Park begins at the entrance to The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier. Along the entrance ellipse, stones list the number of soldiers who served in the Civil War from each state and the approximate number who died.

Inside the museum, your first stop may be at the museum's award-winning gallery "Duty Called Me Here." Before entering, you choose a "Soldier Comrade" from a group of thirteen real Civil War soldiers. You are fitted with a personal MP3 player and through its audio technology you hear the words of your comrade as he describes his experiences as a soldier. By the end of your tour, you learn the wartime fate of your comrade.

From the museum you may continue along the pathway to Tudor Hall Plantation. The 1812 house has been restored to its wartime appearance and is furnished with period antiques.

Nearby is The Field Quarter, a venue where exhibits, a film and reconstructed buildings interpret the life of field slaves. Cabins, a chicken coop, corn crib and garden give evidence of the spartan existence of the slaves. Inside a white painted cabin you can view the exhibit "Slavery in America" and watch the thought-provoking video, "Viewpoints of the 1850s."

The Field Fortifications Exhibit provides an accurate, full-scale model of the fortifications that ringed Petersburg in 1864-65. Visitors may explore the firing step and peer over the parapet of this dramatic example of earthwork construction during the Civil War. During the summer, costumed interpreters conduct live artillery firing demonstrations at the exhibit.

The adjacent Military Encampment depicts the lives of Civil War soldiers in camp.

The Battlefield Center is a multi-faceted museum focused on the April 2, 1865 attack that ended the Petersburg Campaign and resulted in the evacuation of Richmond. The Center features an exhibit entitled "Breaking the Backbone of the Rebellion," a surround-sound theater presentation, a fiber-optics battle map, and interactive computer programs, including a Civil War quiz.

The doors of the Battlefield Center lead to The Breakthrough Trail, which winds through the historic Breakthrough Battlefield. The trail is laid out in loops that range in walks of 15 to 45 minutes. Original Confederate earthworks, rifle pits, and military dams are preserved along the trail. Interpretive waysides tell of the fighting here and introduce you to some of the participants.

Nature and history surround you on this 1.2 mile self-guided hiking trail. A peaceful journey, The Headwaters Trail affords hikers a unique opportunity to see native flora and fauna and learn a bit about Confederate fortifications. Wooden posts mark ten trail stops and indicate the route.

You may also visit The Banks House, a short drive from the Park's main entrance, and headquarters of Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant on April 2-3, 1865. The exterior of the house and adjacent slave quarter is open throughout the day.

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This author has had the oppretunity  and honor to be a part of and to work for this fine institutional and learning center. Hours due vary depending on the season.

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