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Sprague's Maple Farms Year 'Round Pancake House & Restaurant
Sprague's Maple Farms Year 'Round Pancake House & Restaurant

Mouth watering.....simply does not discribe the encounter your mouth receives at prague's Maple Farms. Another of the little known gems here in Cattaraugus County.


When you enter the restaurant you will be greeted by the heavenly scent of freshlly boiled Sprague's 100% Pure Maple Syrup.
You are welcome to order breakfast all day long, or choose from our full menu of down home cookin'. Many of our meals have our 100% pure maple syrup added into the ingredients, for a distinctive flavor that can't be found anywhere else in our area.

Sprague's Maple Farms birth and growth into one of the World's finest purveyors of Pure and Natural Maple Syrup Products from the picturesque Allegany Mountain Region.

Sprague's Maple Farms is well known in our area for its authentic maple products. What people may not know is how the farm was started and what goes into the process.

Randy Sprague began sugaring thirty years ago on a small scale, as a hobby.

"I used to visit the Deschler Farm when I was a kid," says Randy, " and I would watch Van Deschler making and finishing maple syrup. I just fell in love with it." In the beginning, Randy would just make enough syrup for the family's use or to give a little away. A couple of years later, he decided to expand into a commercial operation, which meant a major shift with larger equipment.

We had to increase the number of taps we were putting out, "he continues, "from a few hundred to around 15,000. We purchased several pieces of property, and also rented taps from other owners."

"The sugaring season is short and intense, from mid February to the end of March. Maple sap is a diluted liquid, with only 2% sugar content. You have to boil away 40-45 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

Sprague's Maple Farms makes a variety of maple products, including syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, jelly, and granulated maple sugar. All of their products are packaged in very decorative containers, some in glass, which has been imported from Italy. There is something for everyone-all sizes, prices and quantities. Sprague's ships large orders across the country and into Europe as well, and they sell a lot of syrup to specialty shops across the country.

You can come right into their retail storefront at 1048 RT 305 in Portville, NY and buy whatever you like for yourself or for your friends. Now, Sprague's Maple Farms brings you their 100% Pure and Natural Maple Products from their farm and directly into your home via the Internet or by calling their toll free at 800-446-2753. Nothing compares to pure maple syrup. If you've tasted artificial, you know it's not even close. That's because artificial brands are made from a corn syrup derivation with little or no pure maple syrup. Why settle for less than best?

It has been an extremely busy year at the Area's Largest Pancake House and Restaurant. We want to thank each and everyone who has taken time to visit Sprague's Maple Farms and who sat down to enjoy our hearty down-home country meals, featuring Breakfasts being served with our Pure 100% Maple Syrup products. As our operation has evolved we are continually adding to our menu from from our generous Breakfasts to delicious Lunches and Dinners, with our Fabulous Fish Fries, Desserts and Coffee Treats for you anytime.

The bright new facility has been and continues to be an area attraction that allows people to see the maple operation from start to finish-how they handle the sap and the processing. The addition of our rustic sugarhouse and Indian village have been a great enhancement for educational tours. There is a lot of history in sugaring, which has been passed down through generations. Now you'll be able to see the tradition of the industry, with a real hands-on feel. Marked trails and bird feeders will make Sprague's a pleasure to visit, and you'll also be learning something about the ecology of the forest.

Our Web Site offers retail customers and wholesalers convenient online shopping for Sprague's Maple products. We value our relationships with our wholesale clients. Their special pricing has been protected and we do required initial contact to establish an account on http://SpraguesMapleFarms.com by calling our main office toll free 800-446-2753 to activate your wholesale account. Our in office hours are M-F 8am to 5pm EST.

Make plans to shop at Sprague's Maple Farms for delicious pure 100% maple products. Their gourmet gifts are a vast array of attractively packaged products to send your favorite people such as the popular Green Mountain Maple Morning, The Ultimate Pancake Sampler, The Upstate Collection, Maple Sugar Gift Boxes and much more. All of this and more is available online or visit our store for even more unique and American made gifts.


Sprague's Maple Farms Pancake Mixes
Homemade Sausage
Maple Pork Ribs
Maple Sausage Stuffing
Maple Vinagrette Salad Dressing
Maple Apple Sauce
Maple Mousse Dessert
Apple Pie Ala Mode with Maple Syrup Topping
Maple Custard
Maple Milk Shakes
Maple Sundaes
Maple Fudge

Down Home Country goodness found at Sprague's! They feature Farm Fresh Premium Free Range Turkeys. Raising our own turkey will ensure your meal is as fresh, wholesome and natural as you'll ever experience. Garnished with thier very own Sprague's Maple Sausage Stuffing, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy and accompanied by a salad and vegetable.

Sprague's Very Own Buttermilk Batter Fish Fry
Icelandic Haddock Dipped in our Buttermilk Batter and deep fried to a golden brown

Lemon Pepper Haddock
A delightful portion of Haddock baked in our own Lemon Pepper Seasoning.

Captain's Choice Seafood Platter
Baked Icelandic Haddock Fillet Flavored with our own Scampi Butter & seasoned breadcrumbs

Sure Run Haddock Casino
It's no gamble, it's a sure bet that you will enjoy our baked Icelandic Haddock Fillet, topped with a delectable breadcrumb mixture with a combination of onions, peppers and cheddar cheese.

New England Clam Chowder
Made fresh, hot and wholesome to warm you up

Sprague's Homegrown Free Range Turkey Dinner
Sprague’s own home grown turkey. Roasted to perfection and served with our special recipe sausage stuffing and a side of cranberry sauce.

Country Style Ham Steak
A generous portion of ham steak topped with grilled pineapple and served with our own home made pineapple stuffing.

Chargrilled Sirloin Steak Dinners
Choose from Maple Bourbon, Jack Daniels, or traditional sirloin steak or try a delmonico, New York strip, or on Saturday night, delicious prime rib.

Start your dinner with one of our delicious appetizers
Sprague's own Buffalo potato skins, deep fried mozzarella sticks, loaded potato skins, battered mushrooms, or onion petals.

A great variety of soups and salads are also available


Sprague's Maple Farms is pleased to offer your class a tour of the maple syrup production facilities here in Portville, NY. We have two production tours for you to choose from. Our tours are generally geared for approximately 20 students.

Tour involves a considerable amount of time outdoors. Both tours give an age appropriate, detailed discussion of the process of making syrup and students will come away with a better understanding of how syrup gets from the tree to the table. In addition to being able to choose the type of tour you would like your students to have, you also have two breakfast selections.

At the end of your visit here each student will be given a gift certificate for a free Patty-Cake breakfast, redeemable at a future visit.

However, Sprague's reserves the right to alter the tour due to weather conditions as the Sugarbush Please contact us for further details to schedule your tour.



SUGARBUSH TOURWeather permitting, this tour includes a short walk into the woods to get a hands on view of maple syrup production. Students will be able to observe tree tapping demonstrations along with the process of turning sap into syrup at our authentic sugarhouse. The tour will then proceed to the main production facility and restaurant where they will have a short tour of the main facility. Students should dress warmly and wear appropriate footwear for this tour. You should allow approximately 1 hour for this event. This tour is not recommended for handicapped individuals. Tour only cost - $2.00

FACILITY TOURThis tour begins at our sugarbush where students will be able to view tree tapping and sap flow production. Also included will be a brief presentation of forest management. The Tour will then proceed directly to the main production facility where each group will view the process of maple syrup production using our state-of-the-art production equipment. Tour takes about an hour. Tour only cost - $2.00

(Recommended for pre-K thru 3rd Grade) Choice of Sugarbush or Facility Tours. Breakfast- Buttermilk pancake, maple-cinnamon applesauce, and choice of milk or hot chocolate. Price includes gratuity and coupon for free Patty-Cake breakfast on their next visit - $4.00 per person.

TOUR & BREAKFAST PACKAGE 2Choice of Sugarbush or Facility Tours. Breakfast- 2 Buttermilk pancakes, Sprague's own recipe maple sausage patty, and choice of milk or hot chocolate. Price includes gratuity and a coupon for a free Patty-Cake breakfast on their next visit - $4.50 per person



It has long been an interest of Sprague's Maple Farms to be able to present an educational experience that portrays the traditions and history of the maple syrup industry. On each tour we will make every effort to cover the following educational topics and will adapt the lessons to the age group:

1. Geography - focusing on the regions of maple syrup production

2. Forestry

~ a. Tree identification
~ b. Forest management

3. Physiology of sap production

~ a. Tree structure
~ b. Demonstration of tapping techniques
~ c. Temperature changes as they relate to sap collection

4. History

~ a. Covers from Native Americans to early settlers to present day usage.
~ b. Evolution of methods

5. Sugarhouse

~ a. Evaporators
~ b. Boiling temperatures (ie. water vs syrup)
~ c. Grading of syrup
~ d. Maple products - physical changes from sap to end product
~ e. Bottling

If you are interested in booking a tour with us call us at (716) 933-6637 and ask for Reservations.

(Recommended for 4th Grade & Up)


Open 8:00am to 8:00pm Sunday thru Thursday
8:00am to 9:00pm Friday & Saturday

They generally do not take reservations.
For more information call (716) 933-6637.


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