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Dealing with Unknown Cancers, Stigmas and Myths that Surround Them | Commentary

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Dealing with Unknown Cancers, Stigmas and Myths that Surround Them

Well there is no simple way of saying this so…..I have been diagnosed with cancer. I have form that until a few years ago was unknown. The cancer I have is of the same type that is known as cervical cancer. BUT it is a form that ONLY attacks men and develops into throat cancer.

 Last year over 6500 new cases of men getting this was found. The CDC believes that in less than 10 years. This cancer will be more prevalent that cervical cancer. Yes more men will get this than women who get cancer. The problem…THERE IS NO TEST for this in men. Not the same for women. Men find out AFTER they systems arrive.

My doctors missed it; they did not see it for what it was. They saw it as a cold, virus, allergy that would go away. That was 5 months ago…they were WRONG.

NO ONE is immune. I mean no one. There are limited studies on the matter and up until the last two months, very little has been documented in the media.

Smoking and drinking can contribute but, it IS NOT the cause. People who have never drank or smoked get it.

MYTH- It is a sexually transmitted cancer. FALSE. New evidence and research has proven this not true but the stigma is there. Even many today who have no real knowledge of the subject, blindly make uneducated statements such as this.

Now for the good news. This cancer unlike other throat cancers has a much better survival rate and cure rate than they do. It is treatable. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of all. Depends on what stage it is. I do not know... yet which stage mine is in. I will know after a test next week.

This is also preventable. There is now a vaccine that can be given to teens to men 26 years of age BUT, if they already have it, then the vaccine does nothing. But if they are not infected, the drug works. It is the same vaccine that has been recently given to girls. Now boys are receiving it.

The type of treatment has not been decided. I have one more test to see where or if the cancer has spread and as to what stage it is at before the proper form of treatment can be made. In any event, I WILL BEAT THIS. I am mad at no one nor do I blame anyone. It is what it is and has to be dealt with.

Death is NOT an option here.

I intend on writing about this. A day to day sometimes event log. People need to know about this type of cancer. I also want to debunk the stigma that goes with this cancer. The HPV or Human papillomavirus (HPV) has been termed as a sexual disease. Looks at it with jaded eyes. Tests have shown that MEN who have NEVER had sex...get the cancer so it is not a sexually transmitted cancer.You know the odd thing is I am really not that upset over the cancer. I know it is treatable. But rather the inability perhaps to not be able to enjoy my favorite foods. And most of all, the hardship and pain my family is going thru. I mean, if I can help others learn thru this, then it aint all that bad AND going public I think is the first step in healing and helping. I am not ashamed of it so...


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