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Local Man Says He Was Beaten At House Party, Arrests Are Pending | News

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Local Man Says He Was Beaten At House Party, Arrests Are Pending

TOWN OF BOSTON, NY - A local man has reached out to 2 On Your Side, claiming he was brutally beaten at a house party a couple weeks ago.

The man who will only be mentioned by his first name, Nick, wants those who allegedly attacked him to be held accountable.

"It's the type of person I am, I've never been in a fight a day in my life, and I didn't even swing a fist at any of them that night," Nick said, who's recovering from a broken nose and a broken eye socket.

We're not releasing his last name or where he's from to try to protect him from the group of people he says attacked him a couple weeks ago at the party.

"I can't go to work, I can't go to school, I'm stuck here all the time," he said.

Nick tells us in the early morning hours of Sat., Nov. 2, he went to the party at a home in the Town of Boston and that there were about 60 people there.

Nick's cousin was invited and he went along. But, after about an hour and a half, Nick says a girl attacked his cousin.

"I just went over and I stepped in between them and was like break it up, and that's when I just started getting slugged from every angle," he said.

He tells 2 On Your Side that four guys and that same girl that allegedly went after his cousin turned on him - punching him and throwing pots over his head.

"Because that girl didn't like that I broke up the fight between her and her cousin, so she called her boyfriend over and called his boys over," Nick said.

And some from the party joked about what happened on Twitter. One person writing: "I hit him in the head wit a vase."

Another tweeted: "Moe you like killed that kid."

And then there was this tweet: "Dude got smashed with three bottles."

State police are learning what happened that night and so far have arrested two people allegedly responsible for beating Nick. He was able to protect his cousin, but no one jumped in to help him.

"I'd have to say alcohol and drugs played a role, it always does and just their mentality they were animals they didn't want to give up, they just kept coming back for more," he said.

Nick and his cousin were able to eventually get out of the house.

He's had facial surgery and is taking medication so he can heal.

As for the police investigation, state police have arrested two men from Lackawanna and charged them with assault.

Police say Mohamed Dhali, 22 and Nadiem Dhali, 21, both brothers were arrested on assault charges.

Mohamed Dhali is in the Erie County Holding Center on $15,000 bail. He will have a felony hearing Tuesday in Town of Boston court.

Nadiem Dhali will be arraigned in Town of Boston court Tuesday night.


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