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Aspiring Ballerina From Bemus Point Headed To The Super Bowl | News

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Aspiring Ballerina From Bemus Point Headed To The Super Bowl

BEMUS POINT, NY -- Twelve year old Lauren Hendrick from Bemus Point always dreamed of going to the Super Bowl, the biggest sports spectacle of the year!  This year her dream turned to reality after she entered a video contest sponsored by Buffalo Bills safety Bryan Scott.

Recently Scott launched the "show your dedication" video contest in association with the release of his debut music single, "Dedicated"... as a way for him to give back. The winner would get a trip for two to the Super Bowl and five thousand dollars.

The contest called for people to produce and submit a video that showcased their personal passion and dedication, something Scott knows a bit about.  Not only is he an NFL star, he's also a talented musician whose passion for music dates back to when he was eight years old. Scott told us, "I'm just trying to impact the lives of others and giving back, living by motto, you've been blessed, so be a blessing to others, and make something bigger than yourself."

Lauren was all in when she heard about the contest, she made a video about ballet and entered it, showing her passion for ballet, something she has been doing since she was two years old. With dozens of entries, she was shocked when she heard she and her dad won and they were on their way to the super bowl. Lauren says, "I'm just so excited, can't wait, been thinking about it all the time, my first NFL game ever."

Scott was so impressed with Lauren and her passion; he still can't believe she's only 12 years old, "the passion she showed in this video was just amazing, and it's good to see someone at a young age knowing exactly what they're passionate about and portray it well in her video."


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