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Deer Search: Helping Hunters For Over 30 Years | News

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Deer Search: Helping Hunters For Over 30 Years

The bond between man and dog has always been a close one, and has evolved in many ways over the course of our evolution. Humans and canines have long been hunting companions, to the great enrichment of both species. Deer Search WNY takes that relationship onto a different level. The group provides tracking services to hunters who may have lost wounded game, and is an invaluable tool to any sportsman with the misfortune to be in such a situation. Gary Katta is President of Deer Search WNY.
" Our mission of Deer Search in New York State is to reduce the crippling loss of big game in the state.We do that with tracking deer with dogs , with our license. We also do that by educating hunters. "

Just about any breed can be used to track, but in this case it's a Wire Haired Dachsund named Buster, and his instinct to hunt has encouraged by owner Gary Katta since he was a young pup.
" We're training our dogs, but we're really just bringing out the instinct in them.They're bred with it, and once they realize what their mission is, they're more than willing to do it ! They're here to please us as well as themselves."

One might not think of such a diminutive dog as a tenacious hunter, but the Dachsund has a lot of natural advantages. He's low to the ground,which is ideal for picking up scent. Buster is also a tireless tracker, single minded of his task once he's on the trail, says Katta." He's a lone hunter, a lot of other dogs are pack hunters, they'll hunt as a group where a Dachsund hunts alone. He's hunting for himself, and through his bond with me, he hunts for me as well."

Deer Search doesn't rely solely on their canine trackers. Katta says they have a well trained corps of human volunteers as well.
" We want Deer Search to be represented afield by qualified people who are going to represent our organization appropriately. We encourage our new handlers to get their dogs out in the field working with them,and over time we help them train their dogs, we train them how to track, what to look for, we have a certifiaction process for our dogs and our handlers."

And Buster may not know it, but his talented nose has a big impact on a lot of lives. To many hunters and their families, a lost deer can mean a lot. " They count on that to sustain them through the year, or partially sustain them". Says Katta " It is devastating to lose an animal that you were going to put on table and feed your family with."

Katta says that for the volunteers of Deer Search, it's a satisfying task on many levels." We do it because we want to help other hunters, again, we understand the feeling, it's also a form of hunting and a great bond with our dogs."

To learn more about Deer Search , you can visit their website at http://www.deersearch.org


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