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Western New York Land Conservancy Opens Stella Niagara Preserve to the Public

Western New York Land Conservancy Opens Stella Niagara Preserve to the Public


On Tuesday morning, July 7, the Western New York Land Conservancy and the Friends of the Stella Niagara Preserve cut a ribbon to open the Stella Niagara Preserve to the public and to celebrate the hundreds of supporters who made the creation of the preserve a reality. The Land Conservancy purchased the 29-acre Stella Niagara Preserve property from the Sisters of St. Francis at the end of May after a successful multi-year campaign that raised more than $3 million for the project. 

Notifying USCIS of a Change of Address

Notifying USCIS of a Change of Address


Nearly every alien holding status in the U.S is required to inform USCIS of a change of address to a new non-temporary residence. Specifically, aliens residing in the U.S. are required to report this change within 10 days of relocating within the U.S. The only individuals who are exempt from this rule include diplomats, official government representatives to an international organization, and certain nonimmigrants who do not possess a visa and who are physically present in the U.S. for fewer than 30 days. 

If you fall within one of the following categories, you are legally obligated to comply with the requirements below:

Garlic Mustard Challenge Volunteers Successfully Battle Invaders

Garlic Mustard Challenge Volunteers Successfully Battle Invaders


The Western New York Land Conservancy, Friends of Reinstein Woods and the Buffalo Audubon Society are pleased to announce the winners of the fifth annual Garlic Mustard Challenge, a competition designed to improve habitats in three Western New York nature preserves. 


Train cuts off Sunset Bay for more than 6 hours

SUNSET BAY - A CSX train broke down on the tracks adjacent to Sunset Bay, blocking access to the beachfront community for more than six hours until crews could move it.

The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office said the train was blocking both Hanover Road and Allegany Road -- the only two access points to Sunset Bay -- from about 2:30 to 9 p.m. Sunday.

The train was eventually moved without incident. CSX officials were unavailable for comment Sunday evening.

Focus of Search Switches Back Upstate

FRIENDSHIP, NY - In a matter of hours early Sunday evening this town transformed from the site of a widespread manhunt back into the sleepy rural town it's always been.

The streets were empty, and just as suddenly as they had gone up Saturday afternoon, police checkpoints along I-86 and around town were cleared by Sunday evening.

And now New York State Police say they're focusing their search efforts on the original location near the prison.

Late Sunday night, Channel 2 sister station WPTZ in Plattsburgh reported a surge of police activity in Owl's Head, NY, a town about 50 miles to the west of Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora. The Buffalo News reported Sunday that "forensic evidence" found Saturday night corroborated a reported sighting in the vicinity of the prison.

Woman who called in tip in Friendship describes encounter

TOWN OF FRIENDSHIP, N.Y. – Brandy Thompson was cleaning up her barn along Route 20 in the Town of Friendship over the weekend, when her dog's bark alerted her to two suspicious men.

"My heard kind of felt like it dropped just from the picture that I saw on TV," she said, referring to the much-publicized mug shots of prison escapees Richard Matt and Davis Sweat.

"At first I was quite scared," she said. Matt and Sweat broke out of the maximum-security section of the Clinton Correctional Facility in Northern New York more than two weeks ago.

Thompson told 2 On Your Side Photojournalist Franco Ardito on Sunday morning that she saw the men by the railroad tracks about a football field away. When the dog barked, they ran off.

State Police continue to call it a "credible" tip, although it is unconfirmed, because a police officer did not see it with his or her own eyes.

State Police: Search to continue until all leads exhausted

FRIENDSHIP, NY – New York State Police provided an update on the status of the search for two escaped convicts at a press conference Sunday afternoon. Maj. Michael Sorrento released few new details, saying, "We will continue to search this area until all leads have been exhausted. As we have in other areas of the state, we will search under every rock, behind every tree and structure, until we are confident it is secure."

He said while the sighting of David Sweat and Richard Matt is so far unconfirmed, it was credible enough to demand investigation.

More than 300 law enforcement officers at one point were combing through the Allegany County town.