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Jamestown man arrested after shooting neighbor

JAMESTOWN, NY - Jamestown police say a man is in custody following a shooting tied to a neighborhood dispute.

It happened Saturday morning in the 100 block of Barrows Street in the city.

Police say that following an argument between two men one of them went back into his home and came out firing with a shotgun.

Lt. Paul Abbott said, "It was just as neighborhood dispute that frankly just got a little but out of hand. We have one subject with minor injuries from a blast from a shotgun."

Police say the man with the shotgun briefly barricaded himself inside a home as officers arrived. But he quickly surrendered just as police began blocking of the street.

The man who was shot was hit with shotgun pellets in the leg and was treated at WCA Hospital.

Dunkirk Power Plant Lawsuit Gets Political

Dunkirk, NY - The Sierra Club is suing the state Public Service Commission over plans to re-power the Dunkirk power plant. Those plans call for the plant to be converted from coal to natural gas.

The lawsuit will delay the switch-over, and that is not sitting well with some lawmakers in the Southern Tier.

"They claim that the environmental baseline should be no plant at all. None. No jobs, no energy, no revenue, no tax base," says Chautauqua County Assemblyman Andy Goodell.

Congressman Tom Reed joined forces with Goodell Thursday afternoon to voice opposition to the Sierra Club's lawsuit. It aims to stop the NRG power plant in Dunkirk from converting to natural gas.

The lawmakers want it dismissed.

No Frills Buffalo Releases Two Books by Local Authors

No Frills Buffalo Releases Two Books by Local Authors


No Frills Buffalo publishing company has announced the release of two new books by local authors: “Convergence” by Deborah Madar and “Mommy, Can I Have That” by Elizabeth Cosgrove Feeney.

Madar was born in Buffalo and has been a Chautauqua County resident for most of her life. She taught high school and college English for 26 years and currently resides with her husband in Bemus Point. 

Audubon Serving Chautauqua and Warren Counties

Audubon Serving Chautauqua and Warren Counties

Jamestown, NY – The Jamestown Audubon Society’s recent Volunteer Appreciation Night and Annual Dinner was a delightfully festive evening.

Chair Jane Conroe opened the program with the recognition of newly appointed board members Bob Sokolski and Nathan Welker, followed by the installation of board members for 2014-2017: Peter Lombardi, Steve Maggio, James Murphy, Ellen Paquette, and Carolyn Yurick. John Beard, Pierre Chagnon, Linda Seleen and Cindy Saxton complete the board.

In her presentation of the State of the Organization, President Ruth Lundin noted that the nature center is truly a hub of activity and learning, increasingly reaching out to Warren Schools, and actively serving Chautauqua and Warren Counties. The organization exceeded its revenue and new membership goals for the year and is expanding its partnerships with other organizations.

Family Claims Low-Flying Helicopter Led to Horse's Death

SHERIDAN, NY - A family in Chautauqua County is mourning the loss of one of their horses. And while, the family continues to grieve, they also want some action from county officials to change how aircraft land at the Dunkirk Airport.

"She's part of our family, this is where we come and have camp fires and horseback rides and camping and she's missing," said Lisa Herc.

Lisa and her family are grieving the loss of one of the family's horses, named "Jazz," who the Hercs consider as part of the family.

"I think right now it just hurts, you lost something, when you lose something, you love it just hurts," Herc said.

The Hercs own a horse farm in the Town of Sheridan. The farm is near the Chautauqua County/Dunkirk Airport. Last Thursday afternoon, Herc says a helicopter -- preparing to land at the airport flew right over the farm, scaring the three horses that stay here.

Purple Heart County sign unveiled in Southern Tier

A new initiative in Cattaraugus County took a step forward Wednesday with the unveiling of the first of eight "Purple Heart County" signs.

The signs will be installed at main entrances all over the county to recognize recipients of this distinguished award and serve as a reminder of the devotion and sacrifice of all Veterans.

"It brings recognition to all our veterans that are here, not only in our county but in New York State and the whole country," Norman Marsh, Chairman of Cattaraugus County Legislature said.

In addition, new "Welcome to Cattaraugus County" signs will also be installed next to the purple heart signs.

The WNY Land Conservancy Seeks New Members

The WNY Land Conservancy Seeks New Members


Our members are the heart and soul of the Western New York Land Conservancy (www.wnylc.org). Their dedication to protecting our region's most important streams, forests, meadows, and farms has made our many achievements possible. With their support, we have protected more than 6,000 acres of spectacular land since 1991. Yet there is much more work to be done to save the region's transformative places. By becoming a new member now, you will help ensure our success.